What Version of Revit File is supported for Studio

What version of revit file is supported for import into sketchup studio. I do not use revit but can have someone in office open in revit. What format do I need to export or save as? I did not read the fine print I guess when upgrading to studio last week. I just assumed that all revit files were supported.

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I cannot import Revit 2024 for sketchup, what should I do as a solution?

What are you trying to import? A Revit file, a Revit familiy, the whole Revit?
What operating system do you have?
What SketchUp version are you using?
We can’t help you without more info. Please upload the file you can’t import and update your profile with your SketchUp version and operating system

I cannot transfer the .rvt file with version 2024. I am using sketchup 2023

How are you “transferring” the file?

I transfer it via the Sketchup application with the import option. I get the error that this version is not supported.

2024 is supported. You should ask for a new Revit file, maybe it’s corrupted

Also check that you are running the latest maintenance version of SketchUp 2023.

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I am having the same issue: Cannot import a Revit project file into SketchUp.
when it gives me the “import results” it says “The version of the Revit file is not supported.”

I am using Revit 2024.2
and SketchUp 23.1.340

I have uploaded the test file I was using.

any thoughts on this???


nevermind… its working now. I had to uninstall the Revit Importer extension… then reinstall… then restart Sketchup a couple times… and now it works.