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oh come on, there are many reasons not to update a software immediately, maybe not all the machines in the office are compatible, maybe you’re in the middle of a project, or you’re simply cautious enough not to immediately jump to the next update as soon as it arrives.
It’s the same as the OS, I waited 4 month to switch to ventura (because of SU22), I still have SU22 installed just in case…I’m still finding it crazy that, considering the price of Revit, you can’t export to even the previous version from it. not asking a 10y backlog, but just the previous version so you can work with offices that haven’t made the jump yet.

I’ll keep that one in my mind next time someone rants about trimble pushing subscription to us and making us buy new machines :slight_smile:

It’s usual that Revit version is established as compulsory by the BEP and few times is the last one, So you have to work with older versions.

Hello Jacques,

We bought the studio licence so we can import the Revit files directly, however it doesn’t work with all our projects since we are in Revit 2024 with some. Can we have some idea as to when the Revit importer will be able to support Revit 2024 files?

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Hi Vlad,

Current estimation is August / September.


Is it possible to participante/have some sort of a beta importer till then?

Support for Revit 2024 is not in beta at the moment.
Nevertheless, there is a beta program for the Revit Importer and we can invite you (PM me your email address if you are interested).

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I cannot find a PM button on the website, my e-mail is the same as my username here, at celnikier-grabli with com at the end

Click on @Jacques avatar and choose message…

Hi - Any update on this? This is seriously jamming up our studio’s workflow. Wish we knew before updating to Revit 2024…Thank you.

We have a version that supports 2024 in beta. PM me your email address if you are interested.


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@Jacques I’m interested as well. I can’t seem to locate the message function on your profile/avatar. Please let me know how I can contact you to get access to the beta. Thanks

I did it with Revit 2024 version and Sketchup 23.1.340, this error appears:

Revit File:


The version of the Revit file is not supported.

Hey @Jacques, Interested as well in Revit 2024 Importer, Please let me know how I can contact you to get access to the beta cannot access the PM function.

This is probably due to the fact that you are new to the forum. It’s a measure against spam bots.
This limitation should go away after you have posted some more…


@gesoy91766 I sent you a PM.

Also note that we just released a new version of the Revit Importer which can open Revit 2024 (.rvt) files. Please update the extension through the Extension Warehouse.


I have also noticed that when you update a Revit file from an older version (<2017) And update it first in Revit 2024, you get the same message.

I’m in the same situation. My firm has some projects in Revit 2024. Is there any update on where SketchUp Studio is with an updated importer? Thanks.

Looking 2 message above yours, Jacques says an update was released 8 days ago, supporting Revit 2024.
check the extension warehouse for update I guess.

if only i could read. :slight_smile: certainly very pleased by this. thanks


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