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Hi all. Just a quick note to let you know that I’m getting a version unsupported error when attempting to import a Revit 2024 file. Probably something that’s already on your radar. The importer has been an amazing addition to the toolset tho.


Because Autodesk does not provide a public sdk, it should take 3 to 4 months before we support the next version of Revit (2024).



Any updates on getting the Revit 2024 supported on revit importer?

Thank you in advance!

@HElgerwi - if you need Revit 2024 support sooner, you could try Helix 2. We have a 14 day free trial, and it supports Revit 2024 to SketchUp and vice-versa. Gif below has the Revit model exported to SketchUp, then the some SketchUp content back to Revit.


Here’s the workflow post: Herman Miller Light Fixture from SketchUp to an Existing Revit Project - Helix - EvolveLAB Forum
More about Helix:

@BenGuler I have tried it but there was so many elements and families that did not import into SketchUp, I followed the exact instructions from the video,

Any thoughts on that?

Sorry, I missed your message.

Current estimation is August / September for the support of Revit 2024.

@HElgerwi - let me know which categories are not working on our forum (don’t mean to hijack this thread). One thing that we don’t support is liked Revit files, which the SketchUp importer does :slight_smile:

any movement / updates on getting Revit 2024 into Studio?

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Dude! this is great!! this should be front page news! I can’t believe there is no update notification or email or anything to let users know we can now open Revit 2024 files!!

Usually an extension update notification will popup at the lower right during SketchUp’s startup cycle.

Have you trained yourself to ignore them ? ( Those pesky popups! )

FYI, the Release Notes panel on the EW does indicate Revit 2024 support.

However, the main description page still reads “The Revit Importer supports .rvt files between version 2011 to 2022 …”

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I probably have learned to ignore them :slight_smile: Actually there have been an overwhelming number of bugsplats lately so i’ve been slowly adding plugins back one at a time. It’s probably in that process that I didn’t see the good news. Still, i think there should have been at least balloons or a parade or something.

Thanks for reporting. I updated the description. :balloon:

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SketchUp Revit importer extension now supports 2024 .rvt files.

:balloon: :boom: :tada: :confetti_ball:


Can I please get a beta download as well. I do not understand why this problem is still nto fixed.

no it does not. still getting the error message

In your other topic thread …

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