Importing Revit 2024

How can I import a Revit 2024 file into sketchup pro? It says “this version of revit is not supported”
Revit doesn’t allow you to save to an earlier version.

Revit goes faster than the real calendar… We are in 2023. 2024 is the next year…:wink:
In the meantime you can export to IFC and import it in SketchUp

In general, when a software has the tools to open files from another, always consider it’s the files that existed while it was developed.

SU23 was developed in spring/winter 2022-2023, so it should be the revit files from that era.
If revit released a new version since, the translation tools in SU might not be up to date yet. Same with autocad, archicad…

So until we get the greenlight that the translator has been updated (in general, it’s in the main version every year), you should try exporting your revit files in 2023 version beforehand. or use IFC.

Just go back to Revit 2023, I don’t understand why Autodesk do this, the same is with autocad, the 2024 version was already released, they should rename their softwares versions and go back one year, so Revit 2024 is 2023, I guess they want to feel that they’re ahead every other software by releasing a new version a year ahead their competition. Or name their versions like Archicad, the latest version is 26 and has nothing to do with the year.

When I last used Revit, it unfortunately had no backward compatibility whatsoever.

Google search

Backward compatibility of Revit with earlier releases of the software.

Sep 17, 2022

yeah, it was a shot in the dark, never even launched revit :slight_smile: but I assumed if it has versioning system, it might have a way to work with it. I find it crazy, not being able to open future files is a thing, but not being able to save files for a partner with the previous version… wow. for that price ?


Because Autodesk does not provide a public sdk, it should take 2 to 3 months from now before we support the next version of Revit (2024).


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Revit is a subscription service like SketchUp, there is no reason to be using an older version.

oh come on, there are many reasons not to update a software immediately, maybe not all the machines in the office are compatible, maybe you’re in the middle of a project, or you’re simply cautious enough not to immediately jump to the next update as soon as it arrives.
It’s the same as the OS, I waited 4 month to switch to ventura (because of SU22), I still have SU22 installed just in case…I’m still finding it crazy that, considering the price of Revit, you can’t export to even the previous version from it. not asking a 10y backlog, but just the previous version so you can work with offices that haven’t made the jump yet.

I’ll keep that one in my mind next time someone rants about trimble pushing subscription to us and making us buy new machines :slight_smile:

It’s usual that Revit version is established as compulsory by the BEP and few times is the last one, So you have to work with older versions.