What should I do?

Why it save automatically when I share model? Does the SketchUp template upload return the pre-modified style? But I already close the window!

You will have to explain your problem better if you want anyone to help

As @gsharp says, please explain your problem[s] better.

It’s often possible to guess at an issue from a post that is poorly worded,
But in your case I can’t reasonably guess what your problem could be.
Something to do with saving a shared model, and a template style not updating.
Consider this…
You have a style that comes in a template and you start a new model using that set up.
If you update that style in that model, then that style is saved within the model.
You can also save that style to a collection, which is then available to all models.
You can then add and apply that style in other models.
However, the template’s equivalent style will remain as it was previously configured, and this style will reappear in any new model that you start using that template… UNLESS you open a new model using that template and change the style - either manually or by adding the modified version you have saved out into a shared collection - and then save that otherwise unchanged model as a template, either overwriting your default template OR perhaps as a new template, which you then set as the default template for new models.
Either way, thereafter an new model created using that modified template will start with your updated style…