How can I share my own template with other users?

I create a new template, and I want to share it with my students. How can I do it?

3D Warehouse perhaps ?

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With 3D Warehouse, you can share models. But, I think, you can not shared a template.

A SketchUp template is just a SKP file. Surely you have a directory all your students can access. Put the SKP file there.

Does your template include a component such as a person? If so, you would be able to upload that to the 3D Warehouse.

I don’t think your uploaded model SKP template will offer the same setup regarding toolbars, positions, plugins,etc., because each student would need to d/l & install the same extensions and then arrange the toolbars in the same locations. Try capturing a screenshot that shows your template setup and let your class emulate that.

@jvleearchitects raises a good point: what are you hoping to share via the template?

No. A template doesn’t have anything to do with toolbars, plugins, etc.

Finally I have shared my template with students as a model. Students have downloaded the model and they have saved as a template. Now they can choose the template when they use SketchUp.

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The only drawback is that the template name and description fields get wiped out. I wish that there was an option to keep them.