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Is there a way to share your templates with colleagues on a local server? We have individual licenses.
Right now I am building a template I would like to update every once in a while to keep up with our workflow needs. When I want to use a template I can only select a template that is saved on my own computer. Colleagues can’t acces that location. I would like to store the template on our network server so that everyone can acces the template and I can keep it updated.

Is there a solution or workaround for this?

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you can save your template by going to file > save as template.
You will be able to save it as a .skp file.

To import it on another computer, go to your template directory (to quickly access it, go to window > preferences > file and click on the folder at the very bottom, on the template line) copy your .skp template file you previously saved and paste it on your network. Other users will be able to paste it in their own template folder.

Now because it is not allowed to modify the template path (you will notice the edit button is greyed out), you would have to do this operation again if you were to modify it.

one possibility is to “force” editing this path, by modifying the preferences.dat file.
export the preferences.dat file (still in preferences > files), edit it with a notepad and change the path for “Templates=C:\users…” to a network location, save it and import it again

I did not try it but it should work and you would have to do that on every single computer. It might lead to errors especially if you get disconnected from network, so use with caution

Another way would be to use the collaboration manager and store a blank skp model that would be used as a template that you can update as you wish

Thank you! I will take this to our I.T. department and see if they can make this work.
This would be a great help.

Thank you very much for helping so quickly.

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Setting up a project in Trimble Connect (eg. Named Company Templates) in combination with Trimble Connect Sync provides an easier workflow.
The ‘lead designer’ would set this up and have it synced with his %AppData% location where his templates reside.
The cloud location can be considered as an extra backup when he also creates a sync schedule towards the server of the company.

The other users can either use the somewhat hackier way described above or better, join the project and have their %AppData% synced with their installation.

Check this thread: