SketchUp preferences file locations & sharepoint

Good afternoon all,

Our organisation would like to cooperate more together and would like that every member have acces to the same folders. Now everybody works on their own projects and people make a lot of the same work. We tought it would be a good idea if we do this by our Sharepoint cloudserver, something we are all already familiar with and use also for different tasks.

We now have the standard file locations, as you can see in the image below, all linked to local adresses on the computer where SketchUp is installed. We want to change that directions to our Sharepoint location.

(We know that Trimble connect offers some of this options, but that doesnt fit all our needs in this case)

When we fill in the sharepoint adress, for example: SKetchup will show a error. (attached below)

Has anyone expierence with linkin Sharepoint to SketchUp?


Cloud solutions like sharepoint or google drive work best with their own applications that are meant to work with (eg Microsoft Office for sharepoint, Google docs for Google drive.
They don’t work well with large files (3D models in general)
Like any other cloud service, there must be some local storage and it is best to point at that location.
Since the template path cannot be adjusted, you need to find a way to have the company’s templates on each local machine.
Which resources do you need?

Thanks for your reaction. It makes sense that it’s not build for 3D models in general, but I think it should be also used for just saving files. We don’t need anything more than just the save location as a folder.

We thought about just linking them to the folders on the local machines, but we tried this now for over a year and it’s just not working as we hoped for. That’s why we’re thinking of placing them in a folder that everybody has acces to. One specific needs for this, the file adress of the folder must be the same for everyone in the organisation. That’s the reason we came up with sharepoint, everybody can click on the same link and would be directed to that location.

So my question is, how can I make it happen that sketchup is allowed to get the information from sharepoint. It’s now telling me that the acces is not permitted. I need to give the website permission to reach and that it is allowed to log in itself. Just can’t figure out how…

As suggested by Microsoft, it is better to map it to Onedrive:

Be prepared for some serious issues though, when not following some basic rules (eg. only open files that are synced locally, don not use backup or autosave in SketchUp, never shut down computer unless the syncing process is finished, etc)

Even ‘cloud-workbased solutions’ like AutoDesk ACC ($1000 p/u/y) save a local copy first first in order to edit it. Edits get synced back only when hitting ‘save’ or ‘publish’.

Still, when subscribed to SketchUp, all this is included via Trimble Connect business plan. Why not take advantage?
The Trimble Connect sync tool can be used in a much more versatile way then the sync apps like Google or Onedrive, and it’s webbased viewer is designed for dealing with 3D data…