How to store SketchUp and Layout files online so they link correctly

Is there an online storage/server option where coworkers who work remotely can save their SketchUp and Layout files in a way that keeps the files linked together?

Maybe Trimble connect.

Relative paths should work in LayOut, so it is best to have some sort of folder structure that is the same on all clients:

If you set up a project in Trimble Connect, the sync tool can mirror that folder structure via a schedule:


Note: when set to bi-directional, the data in the cloud is ‘leading’, meaning that file and folder actions in the cloud can change those on the different clients.
It is best to leave the schedule to ‘manual’ first, to see which files and folders are up or downloaded, to get a better understanding what is going on, later, one might set it to daily or hourly (one can always do the manual if instant data exchange is needed)

The local path can be set to an existing location on each machine, but be aware that you don’t start messing around on both locations (eg. moving files on the client and also moving stuff in the cloud)

Opening the LayOut document after a change in the referenced .skp file (or any other reference file) will detect changes in the document setup and the paths are now relative: