Trimble Connect and Layout

Hi, I am new to Trimble Connect, and everything I read sounds very promising and would solve a lot of issues we have when multiple people working on the same sketchup model.

I am looking for a way to upload a Layout document the same way I did with the sketchup document, and would like to use it the same way, so multiple people can more easily work and comment on it.

I am not able to find anything about this online. Anyone able to point me to a direction how to upload layout files and us them in layout?


At this time there isn’t a direct interface between LayOut and Trimble Connect but you can create project folders and upload LayOut files into them.

One thing to consider, though, is correctly handling references in LayOut. Normally the references (SketchUp files, text, spreadsheets, images, etc.) would be on the local computer where the LayOut file is created. If you are going to share the LayOut file among different users, each user should make sure to unlink references so that LayOut doesn’t try to look for references that don’t exist. Also, if a user updates a reference file saved locally, they would need to relink to that file and then unlink the reference so LayOut goes back to looking only internally for the reference.

That is the problem we have right now. We work on it local, and upload Sketchup and Layout files to a cloud hard drive so the other person can download it and work local on it again.

I was hoping we can simply have both in Trimble connect and see all changes and the files are linked to each other.

But it sounds like it is not possible.

Trimble Connect is project software that can be used to share all kinds of different file formats. Some modelling software can upload 3D models directly or via an plugin or extension. SketchUp uses the Trimble Connect extension to collaborate directly in the model, LayOut doesn’t have such capability or extension.

It cannot be viewed, either, in TC.:slightly_frowning_face:

Best is to split the .layout document in separate pieces and assign it to different stakeholders.

You could use TC as the ‘source of truth’ and then combine it with Trimble Connect Sync.

If set up right, everyone should have the same data.

At this point I’m not sure you can link to references stored in Trimble Connect. The general wisdom is to not work directly with cloud-saved files but to download them to your local drive and work on them there. Safer that way. I suppose you could have the user download the contents of a folder containing the LayOut file and the references. There are obvious potential hazards with that, though due to multiple users having different versions of a file.

As @MikeWayzovski suggests, maybe splitting the LO file among the stakeholders would be a safer approach.

Thanks Mike and Dave, usually I have one person working on the layout and sketchup files, but I have to go in frequently to make corrections and notes and give further instructions.

I sounds like the system we had in place was the best possible at this point. Bummer, the solution I had envisioned with Trimble Connect seems to stay a dream for now.

In that case, you could easily set up a project and use Trimble Connect Sync. it takes some responsibility and discipline, as with other ways to collaborate. It does provide some automation and control and the benefits of viewing 3D models and 2D output.
In general, a supervisor isn’t interested in what software the models or 2D output is generated.
The results should count, it is not the main goal to produce a .layout document, isn’t it?

In that case, your designer could work on his/her machine and sync the 3D models directly, and the output via upload or the sync app.

The supervisor could then easily annotate the models and the 2D output on any device and then notify the designer with a ‘ToDo’.

It sounds like I need to do a deep dive into Trimble connect and do a lot of test runs before I add my assistant to this. Since I have to work on the models and layout as well, I am interested in what software she is using and how she is drafting.
A lot of my work is providing permit sets, so the layout document is an important part of my work flow.

Thanks a lot for all suggestions.