Sketchup template preferences

I am trying to setup file preferences on a network version of Sketchup 2018. I can change everything except the template, the button that allows the changes is grayed out under the “File” tab.

How do i change that?

Also the template tab does not have a browse button

I am trying to point the location to a folder on shared drive.

You can’t change the Templates folder location.
It’s always set to be in the Users path.
You need to set up something to copy the template SKP files from a central repository into each of your Users’ Templates folder.
A simple .bat file could do it in the background - on a Windows machine.
You could also think about a Ruby based solution…

I think I went through this last year, we only had stand alone licenses then. not we are on the network do i was hoping it would be different.

The network path is set to show up under “C” as a local drive.

There is no “network” version of SketchUp Pro except the floating network license version where users obtain their license from the Trimble license server over the internet. The software is still installed on every user’s workstation just like when using an individual standalone license.

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