2017 user templates location

I noticed when going to assign a default template that the ‘Browse’ button is no longer available. Is this by design? I also noticed that there is now a file location setting for templates under ‘Files’ but the ability to edit it is greyed out.

I suppose, in the meantime, I will have to copy my templates to the prescribed location, but I really liked the ability to point our multiple users to one file for updating purposes.

Please advise as to whether this issue is intended or will get fixed. Thx.

Apparently so. I didn’t notice it before. (This will make some admins of schools and companies upset, as they need to point to a common shared template on a network location, that can only be changed by an admin.)

They were going to allow a custom location, but they found some “usability issues” too late to resolve, so they just defeated it for this release.

Hopefully it will be switched back on for M1, or SU2018.

Keep prodding for this to be implemented each cycle until it is.

(Moved to the Feature Requests category.)

The easiest way round this, at the moment, would be to open your template SKP file in SketchUp and immediately save it as a template.


Yeah thanks, it’s what I’ve done …it’s just a pain with multiple users and multiple template revisions.

Thx for the background info Dan. Just out of curiousity, how often do the ‘cycles’ happen?

With the release of SketchUp 2013 they switched to a yearly release cycle using a maintenance subscription license model. (The release time varied for a few versions, but has now settled into early…mid November of each year. This often coincides with some Trimble conventions held around this time of year.)

Prior to this, the SketchUp release versions were just sequential numbers that only changed major ordinal if there was a drastic SKP file format change. Those cycles could last 3 / 4 years or so. (Prior to SU2013, the last sequential version release was v8.)

Gotcha. I was thinking (and hoping) you were talking about a patch cycle.

Well, normally the first patch gets released just after the first of the year. Say, Jan, Feb or so. This I think is because a lot of staff goes on vacation after busting their butts all summer and autumn on the build up to release.

Generally there has only been time for one or two patches now that the cycles are yearly.
After that they have to get working on the next release work.

Trimble makes “maintenance” releases if necessary during the annual cycle. However, they do not have any set schedule for these and do not announce them in advance.

Why oh Why did they disable user setting the location of template files?

Did someone request this?

Of course we have multiple SU PCs… of course we have Networks where we share common files… !

Why allow us to determine where we keep everything else but disable Template Locations

Its bad enough the we are all occasionally forced to delve into hidden folders in MS let alone something from Trimble intentionally forcing us to !

C:\Users\username\App Data\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\Templates

So everytime I tweak our office template I have to then ask everyone to relaod it into their individual PC’s.

I can’t lock it read only so staff can’t fiddle with it.

Bloody Hell Trimble! STUPID!

They never enabled it in the first place. The difference in 2017 is just that the content got moved out from the Program Files folder, and that is an improvement. But it would be a good feature request, useful in a corporate or education environment.


True, and they had to disable the setting feature last minute due to some issue. Hopefully it will be resolved in a maintenance release or next version. (If they never intended to give us the feature, they wouldn’t have even put a button there.)

[quote=“Anssi, post:10, topic:33412”]
They never enabled it in the first place.
[/quote] …except they kind of did …

The Preferences/Termplate/ “Browse…” button allowed one to point to a default template outside of the default templates location (in my case,a shared location that only I have edit rights to), and it maintained that link on open/close without having to write to the Program Files folder.

Also, their 2017 documentation suggests that this functionality was not removed [quote] ‘3. Select one of the templates in the Drawing Template list box. Or click the Browse button to navigate to a template that you’ve saved locally, select the template file, and click Open.’[/quote]

I get the direction they want to go and can sympathize with running out of time before completely implementing it, but I don’t get why they disabled the one button, that somewhat solves their problem, before they are ready to roll out the fix.

I’m new to this forum so am unsure how to proceed - do Trimble staff read these and comment or should I submit a ticket? I’m not asking for a new feature, I want a feature that exists already but is not working/available.


They’ve just gone on vacation till after Turkeyday. If the “fix” comes, it’ll not be until M2 most likely (ie the first big MR,) which usually does not come until after the new year holidays (say Jan/Feb.)

So, the “fix” for a shared network location, may still be a symbolic link (which only admins can create. [Ie, a plugin will not work.]) There is another thread here, where we discuss some other nitty details, ie group policy settings, etc.

So no fix came thru… hopefully this is fixed in SU2018 - I have all my textures, components, styles coming from a network drive for my staff to use but I cannot ensure we all use the same template…

I really don’t understand why this was so difficult… they are able to point to the network drive for the other assets…

It is very simple for me to make the network drive read only so the files can not be corrupted /edited by my by staff.