Template Browse Button disappeared

Just noticed that “Browse” button is not showing up on my machine running SketchUp 2017.

Is this some issue that has to do with High-DPI screens which has the button going missing? (Because I see the indentation of the window in that corner)

Or was that option taken out on 2017 Version?



I think the button has been removed. SketchUp 2017 provides saving template folders only to the default location. You can see the location in Preferences>Files but it doesn’t appear to be editable. I guess if all templates are in one location which is displayed in the Templates window, there’s really no need for a Browse button.


SketchUp’s own page states that it has browse button…

At my work, I have been allocating the template that is located on the server, so all machines will load from one file. This way, one can update and manage the standards of the visual styles and the layers. Since the browse button is gone, having unified template is only possible via manual process.


It would be great if Template section under “file” is at least editable…


In SketchUp 2017, templates were moved to a non-editable location. The corresponding Help Center article is incorrect, and a bug has been filed (i.e. remove the reference to the Browse button).

Mark Chandler

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any alternative solution to this? @mchandler

The shipped templates are still found in the ‘protected’ programs folder:
C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\Resources\en-US\Templates
[or MAC equivalent]
Any custom-templates will be saved into the readily editable [but hidden like your ‘Plugins’ etc]:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Templates
[or a MAC equivalent]

You could always set up a simple cmd [batch] file that auto-runs as the user logs into their PC, and which copies your custom-templates from the server into the user’s own folder [as pathed above].
This has the advantage of having the newest template available before SketchUp ever starts.
[there will be an equivalent MAC terminal command]

OR perhaps a simple RB file that runs as SketchUp starts, which does the same file copying for you…
although this approach would make the latest templates only available in any subsequent new SKPs, but available in the current Preferences > Templates list immediately.

Currently, the only way to accomplish this would be to use the scripts mentioned by @TIG

It is a bit shame existing function had to be removed…(at least it was a function that was being utilized…)

This would be quite a long shot since IT would have to be involved, but it seems like a good possibility.

If I understand this correctly, as the copying template from server initiates after loading its own template, it would only be applied when the second run of the SketchUp?

The template doesn’t really update too often. Maybe just several times in the year. So RB method would be easier than CMD I think. (at least in my office) I will have to look into this further as I am not really capable of writing any scripts myself.

Thanks for the suggestions @TIG.

Trimble Support advise that this was a deliberate decision taken by them.
I’m struggling to think of a decent reason why, especially for the PRO version which is to be used in a professional environment. This is exactly the circumstance where you would point SKUP to use a template on the network.
Here’s hoping they have a change of heart when releasing an update.

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Did you contact them for this issue previously?

Yup, we have maintenance support with our SketchUP Pro licenses. Just updated to 2017 in the last week.

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I see.

Thanks for clarifying that.

Hey Everyone

Just wanted to confirm this was an intentional change. Previously if one browsed to a file, that file was copied into sketchup’s template folder.

The connection wasn’t live, meaning if the contents of an external folder changed, those changes would NOT appear in sketchUp. As a result we wanted to reduct the chance that users would make that assumption.



It only opens with a few buttons, how do I load the rest?

I think you mean, how to enable other toolbars?

Just right click on the empty area of the toolbar, and check the ones you need.

Hi Joseph

  • tried & nothing coming up…



Here we are in release 2020 and no changes still to this functionality (or lack thereof). Office environments use mapped/network locations and it would be GREATLY appreciated if the company template were available on network resources. This is available in Layout, curiously. The way Layout lets you pick folders seems much better designed. I landed here after being able to customize Layout and assumed SketchUp would be the same…

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I just tested a manual edit to:
"%LocalAppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2020/SketchUp/PrivatePreferences.json"

Use a good code editor like Notepad++ or MS Visual Studio Code.
Scroll down to the "File Locations" object and edit the entry for "Templates".
Use escaped (ie, double) backslashes between directory names.

I was sucessful changing it to

"Templates": "D:\\DOCUMENTS\\SketchUp\\Templates\\",

Took a few times starting and restarting SU2020 to get the “My Templates” tab to appear, but it did and an old example template I had in that folder (from a few versions ago) began to appear, and I could select it as my default template.

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Thanks for this! Still, why on earth is the user base needing to manual manipulate the software code?

It is not software code. It is datafile in JSON format that is read by the application at load time to set preferences.

The main reason (ie, argument) that some preferences require manual editing of a preference data file is that the percentage of users that need to make these changes is so small that it does not make sense economically to code, test and deploy a GUI feature to manipulate these minor settings.

Now I know if you are in the minority it seems like a big deal to you.

This particular setting (templates path) is special because they decided to disable the already present GUI interface to change the templates path. There have been quite a few users asking Trimble to switch it back on.

Barry, since there is now a User Templates path that is distinct from the SketchUp Program Templates collection, the choice of a special default template can be copied into the User Template folder (but I would ask the user if they’d like to confirm the copy. Ie, it may be only a temporary for a short lived project and they may not wish this template being accidentally chosen for other projects.)