Field for Preferences/Template Directory not editable?

On the net there have been some reports from users, that suddenly realize that their user name has suddenly changed from username to username.000. Obviously done through some Windows update for unknown reasons.

This has now happened one of my machines. Which causes a problem as SketchUp gets all its default directories wrong.
While I will shortly fix the underlying problem (rename the user name back again through a little bit of regedits), this led me to realize that the field for Template directory in Preferences/File Locations is not at all editable. All the others directories are.
Is there a sensible reason for not allowing the Template directory to be editable by the user?

This has been noted and has been discussed (for more than 3 years now) in topic …

At the bottom of the thread I explain how the path location can be manually edited (when SketchUp is not running.)

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