Template file location edit grayed out

I have relocated all my file locations except TEMPLATES. Its edit button is grayed out.
How do I get it relocated?

You don’t. That one is not intended to be moved.

Why do you want to move it anyway?

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Because a template is just a .skp file, like all skp files it is version specific. I think the developers chose to lock that path rather than to face endless complaints from people who tried to open a template saved by a newer version.

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DaveR = reason to relocate > SU 2017 make v17.2.2555
My system is setup so that MY data/document files are on another partition. If I must reimage my system C drive, all MY stuff is preserved on the D drive. If I change my template, and it remains on my C drive, I must create a special case for my backup to preserve it. Otherwise, I can just backup my D drive where everything I create is located.

Do you need to reimage your C drive very often?

I guess your alternative is to keep a copy of your custom template files on your D drive and copy them over when you need them. Certainly nothing is going to change with SketchUp 2017 Make at this point so even if the developers decided to unlock it in a future version, it won’t change anything for you.

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Reimaging is not as often as i did for past windows versions, but it makes it a lot easier when I do. Obviously, v17 Make isn’t going to be updated, so I do have a workaround.