Can you help me how to setting File Locations setting?



Last day, I changed my Users Folder name ‘유예림(my Korean name)’->‘Yerim(English)’.

So I’m setting File Locations now…
But I couldn’t change Templates file locations :frowning:

I could change the rest file locations but Can’t I change the location of the Templates? :disappointed_relieved:


If I remember correctly, you can’t change the Template folder in SU 2018 or 2017.


Oh !! I think I should reinstall my SketchUp… :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:
Thx your Reply!!


That won’t make any difference to this issue.


As john said…
You cannot change the Templates folder location for the newer versions of SketchUp.
It is set to be in your User’s AppData tree - like the default User’s Plugins folder.
It displays in the Preferences dialog, but it cannot be changed.
Maybe, if you close SketchUp and do a Repair [rather than a full re-install] it will jog the path your new user-name.
Although, if you have just renamed your former user account, rather than created a new user account, I think that on Windows the renamed account is remembered by its original name deep inside the system, although it might display to you with its new name, therefore perhaps part of the SketchUp code is reading the base account name, and not your latest change to it ?


There is an error in this design. The button should be completely left out to show there is no such option, rather than being disabled, claiming the option isn’t available under current conditions.


I agree.

There is no option to set the default Plugins folder, so why do we need to show the [unchangeable] default Templates folder at all !?


It’s good to show the path so you can copy it but the edit button shouldn’t be there.


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