Impossible to change template path in preferences

I’ve done a fresh install of Windows and all software past weekend. Before I do I always create an image of my C-drive so I can easily put earlier preferences/settings in place of software and don’t have to install for example every plugin again one by one.

So I ended up with a fresh Sketchup with all plugins nicely in place but just had to change some paths in the preferences which were still pointing to a Sketchup 2022 directory.

As mentioned in Sketchup 2021 pro - cannot change template file location - SketchUp / Pro - SketchUp Community there’s just no way to change the template path.

I think that’s odd. I can fix this by just creating some directories and the ‘red’ will be gone but in my opinion you should be able to change it. I reinstalled my PC so it’s fresh again and having to add directories to satisfy SU’s behaviour is a bit odd.

While I looked through some configuration files I didn’t find a spot where I could manually change it but I would like to hear if it’s possible. In mentioned thread people say it’s ‘hardcoded’ but that’s not true I think looking at the path pointing to an 2022 directory instead of 2023. So basically, it would even be better hard coded but it ain’t.

Hope someone has some suggestions.

This is in a "File Locations": section of: PrivatePreferences.json
Located in folder:
c:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 202X\SketchUp\


Nice! That should work!

I see there are actually more paths here still pointing to 2022, I reckon I can best change those as well to 2023?

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