Is it possible to use sketchup as... online tool for people to participate redesigning the street they live in

We are searching for a tool to provide the ability to let people co-design with us. Example. We want to redesign the outdoor space of a street (including: sidewalk, trees etc.) And want house-owners who live on that street, have a voice in the new design.

We want to build one template. And share that template. So people can create their own ‘ideal’ space,

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How about the SketchUp web based free app? (not for commercial purposes though!!!)

You could share your template as SketchUp.skp file.
Take it from there.

Set up a project in Trimble connect, invite users and specify what they may alter.
For instance if the homes stay fixed and some tree need to be preservered, create a model with those elements and create a template where you import that reference. Save it in SketchUp and than upload it to the project.
Members of your team can than ‘Open in SketchUp’ and cannot alter the reference, but can design the rest.

If multiple users edit the file in the free browserapp, all versions andi fo about time and who uploaded it is displayed in the version history.
You can also give everyone a seperate folder and have multiple copies of the template file with a different name.

All models can then be viewed at the same time in the viewer, to explore differences and design options.

With a subscription plan, you can have multiple project and unlimited file storage and users, with a free plan it’s limited with 10Gb storage, one project with 5 teammembers.

All invited users need a Trimble ID or create one if you invite them, and they all have access to that Free webbased modeler to create their views.


@Catchi Very interesting project. I would be very keen on following further iteration on this if you would be willing to provide more feedback on the process.

@MikeWayzovski I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I must take advantage of my subscription and use Trimble connect more. This simple description of what we might make with it, is awesome.