Sage Temple collaboration needed

Voortzetting van de discussie Is it possible to use sketchup as… online tool for people to participate redesigning the street they live in:

I recently came in the possession of some old documents that where discovered in an old chest in the Nederland Mining Museum, Boulder county. (I am from the Netherlands, btw)

I believe it was part of a set of plans of the lost Sage Temple.
It was not clear to me if it existed, though…

What triggered me was when I did a triangulation of the current office location of the SketchUp Team, the new location which is gonna be a Trimble office in Westminster and the Nederland Mining Museum, and scorched Google’s Earth, I noticed a square:


But the plans are not complete.
I did import the area though and made a SketchUp Model of the terrain. I need some help.

You can join the project if you fill in this form:

You don’t have to be subscribed, but you will need a Trimble ID. You can use the free web-based foundation model or the Site model:

Pro users can import the model in SketchUp as a reference via [menu] File >Trimble Connect > Open Model (you have to have a model open, first.

Thanks in Advance!


Great stuff! Cannot access the form.

I changed some settings.
You can pm the email, too (click on my avatar and then message)

Hi Jack, does the file structure found in Trimble connect replicate the folders you have setup for this project on your desktop? Or does it work differently?

Same thing happened to me this afternoon. I’ve spent a few hours to find (in Google Earth ofcourse) a tiny island in Benin near the village of Quidah, on the coast. To match an interesting image I found in a newspaper. To no avail. I gave up. I’m not certain if it even exists at the location mentioned in the newspaper.

What is it you are after, Jack? You’ve mentioned this Sage Temple before, some years ago.

Not yet, was on a different machine at the time it was created, syncing now with Trimble Connect Sync, the app that can be downloaded by clicking on the little squares on the top right: