How to collaborate on the website version of SketchUp

I’ve been looking for a way to collaborate on a SketchUp model using the free web version of SketchUp, if thats not available the does the SketchUp for Schools browser have this feature? Or if the 2018 version of SketchUp has collaborating.

The Free version lets you have one Trimble Connect project, and you can share projects. It should be possible for two Free users to work on the same model, though not at the same time.

One thing for you to think about is whether you’re working on something that is intended to make you some money. The Free version is for personally non-commercial use. The 2018 version of SketchUp looks like it didn’t have Trimble Connect. If two of you had 2018 you would need to send the file to each other for the other one to carry on making progress.

To be legal, working on a for pay project, you and your partner would both need to have SketchUp Go, if all of the modeling is done in a browser or on iPad, or SketchUp Pro, if you both plan on using the desktop application.