Ability to save / import styles?

Hello, I have been getting familiar with Sketchup for the Ipad -I have custom styles I use on Sketchup pro desktop. Questions:

  1. is there the ability for me to import these desktop styles to sketchup Ipad?

  2. When I tweak the Sketchup Ipad styles to my liking, I don’t see where these styles can be saved as a default style. if I start a new model, i end up needing to re-tweak the styles again because I don’t see where I can save my style modifications. Am I missing something?


Hi @Terrill, thansk for the questions! You are not missing anything…
We are still working to develop support for creating and managing libraries of Styles, Materials, and Components. Along similar lines, we also have a ticket on the board to allow users to same custom templates.

In the meantime, I wonder if you might be able to work around the current limitations by saving a handful of templates (with various style preferences preconfigured), to Trimble Connect. When starting a new project, you could then download a new copy of a file via Connect, vs using the Create New button and then have to set up the style each time.

Thanks for the reply @MikeTadros! Great idea! Hopefully this will be fully integrated into Sketchup for ipad later on. So far I’m loving playing around on the new platform. Seems intuitive enough for the most part.

Thanks again - much appreciated,

You bet! Glad to help, and am also glad that you’re having fun getting up to speed with the new iPad app. Please keep the feedback coming!

So, what’s the best strategy for not overwriting the file being used as a “template” once you start working with it? Maybe make a duplicate and rename it before starting?

That’s right.
If the template file is stored locally, choose Duplicate from the “…” overflow list on the model card – and then rename.
If the template is stored in Trimble Connect, choose Download a copy from the “…” list. Then rename and (optionally) publish back to Connect into whatever Project/Folder you want to save it to.

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