Styles in iPad… wishes and possibilities

There are several things I would like to see in the iPad version, and I will try to get around to making threads on all of them if the powers would like that, but there is something about styles that I will bring to the front here and now.

Maybe it effects others as well, maybe it’s just me.

I will say that I do use SketchUp iPad for ‘real work’, so I’m not just playing around. I really do prefer it to the desktop version (which I have for certain things).

I find that I am repeatedly taking screenshots and exported images out of SketchUp to ‘painterly’ type programs in order to better illustrate something using png images or overlays or just plain erasing parts of one image to reveal another.

Today’s example is a little cabin project on a hillside. I have basic piers and a basic ground level. I can use the image like it is… using a transparent material on the ground layer. But it looks like I have my pillars submerged in ‘dirty’ water. I would love to just be able to do it using some kind of style application. I.e. apply a style to a tag… change the ground piers to ‘back edges’ or something like that. I know you can probably do this in LayOut… but that would be a move to the computer and blah blah blah I like the iPad.

The other thing I do I export a transparent PNG of a thing that I want to overlay and then put them together (usually in Procreate) to form a new image. Its not perfect, there’s some fiddling. I forget to save a scene with the exact orientation, whine-complain-user-error… Even being able to lower or control the opacity in individual tags would be epic.

But I’m also looking at this from an artist background, so I think my needs may be different, even though I’m looking at the same kind of finished product as everyone else.

Can you think of a better way to illustrate the sono pillars in the ground using iPad?


Going out to Procreate is probably still the best bet for flexibility and capability. True you need to save scenes, but that’s what you have to do with Layout too.

It just so happens I’ve been trying to do just such a thing in Layout this afternoon, and it’s proving harder to achieve what I want than I thought.

That I can do in PoewrCADD, but that’s desktop only and no easier to get stuff into than Procreate.

One big thing missing in iPad compared to desktop is saved styles. If you use a saved style for a scene on desktop and then bring that file to iPad it behaves as you’d expect, but you can’t just get to the saved styles. The scene part give gives a backhanded way to bring styles to iPad. Setup a template using desktop with saved scenes that only save the style property with them and you can set a bunch of style settings with one click.

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