SketchUp for iPad – Gallery

We’d love to catch a glimpse of what you’ve got cookin in SketchUp for iPad…

Drawing a train on the train!

Also got a few test models with just random push pulled shapes and the like. Also use the app as a viewer to revisit old memories.

Curious what others me making!


This was after a couple of days, of sitting on some existing stairs with a tape measure, using my M1 iPad Pro.


A construction detail for a house, drawn completely on my M1 IPad Pro. I imported a Create Group from Slice from a building section on my desktop Sketchup to use as a base for the detail. I likewise imported another existing model from desktop for the materials (colors and textures) that I wanted to use. The model itself, however, all on the IPad. I really think the Pencil just has a natural affinity with this kind of 3D modeling that the mouse does not have and that it why this app is a pleasure to use.


I haven’t done anything terribly involved yet, but I did try a couple of exercises that have been on my agenda for making YoutTube videos: Making a sine wave, and making a parabola and parabolic reflectors. @liamk887, the circular parabolic reflector should be the right shape for rocket engines. I believe a scaled parabola is still a parabola The rectangular one is for a photographic soft box.

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Sorry, I can’t share what I’m doing right now but it envolves sketching to scale in Concepts and Morpholio, then import as texture into ipad and draw it accurately in 2d and then push-pull magic

Here’s where I ended up a few days later, though about 1/3rd of this was done on my Mac.


This is a tool cabinet I built for my shop about 20 years ago. This was back in the graph paper days so I thought it would be fun to use the iPad to model it in SketchUp.


Chimney dated 1750, I didn’t get the colors right, sampling from screen would be nice!
It took some manual labor and intersecting…


Close to finishen with my DB 218. Only missing materials now!


That was one of the first complete models I did on the iPad and I wanted to really push my limits, so I decided to model the Ray-Ban Wayfarer:

then Mike decided to put them on Sale:


But is it the right s(c)ale?

Did you encounter the ‘tiny faces’ issue?

Absolutely. When trying to intersect the various solids to get these double-curved surfaces there was quite a lot of clean up and surface recreation that I had to do.

Ah, I figuered, an iPad is smaller than a Desktop, maybe, tiny faces issues wouldn’t drop in…:grinning:

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New loco in the works!


New loco done! (Well except for text and colors)


Is that bumper assymetrical?

Ohly the wiring on the roof, the doors and the A/B markings should be asymmetric.

You’re really putting the extra effort with this SketchUp for iPad "train"ing.


Okay, not actually modeled on the iPad this time, but it’s still quite awesome how the iPad can be brought to the workshop and used for reference.

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