What rules does SketchUP apply for this?

Hi everybody.

I’d like to understand what rule SketchUP follows for these things.

  1. After pulling/pushing the shape is “empty”, but if I copy the circle outside the main form then it’s ok. Besides, if I repeat the push/pull with double click it takes the wrong direction, and some faces are reversed.
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  2. Why once it’s moved the circle cannot be selected as a whole entity? can it be fixed?
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  3. What would be the correct way to “delete” those lines? I used e (eraser tool) with shift key (to hide them) I don’t see any difference if I use ctrl modifier to smooth them.

EDIT: All those things are easy to fix, I can trace a line again and then the shape will get closed, but I’d like to know if I can avoid that. For the circle segmented I can draw them again as one object.

Thank you.

  1. This is what SketchUp does when the face you pushpull is inset in or attached to another one. In such cases SketchUp assumes you are trying to push a hole through something and omits the starting face. You can tell it to retain the starting face by pressing ctrl (alt on mac) before the operation. The direction it goes when you double-click another face depends on front/back orientation and sometimes isn’t what you expected.

  2. Some kinds of edit operations break a circle or circular arc apart, and you can subsequently not select them as a unit. There is no way to prevent this from happening other than not doing those sorts of edits. You can weld the segments back into a single curve, but the only way to regenerate the metadata that tells SketchUp the entity is a circle or circular arc is to redraw it (there are extensions that do this for you, but there’s no magic: they also redraw the circle)…

  3. You are mixing delete with conceal. If you really want to be rid of the edge, you delete it either using the eraser tool or by selecting it then pressing the delete key. Softening an edge means that the faces adjacent to it are considered to be portions of a surface (i.e. the edge is not “hard”). Smoothing an edge tells SketchUp to blend the shading of the adjacent faces.

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Thank you so much @slbaumgartner, I was about to ask about a specific circunstance about a circle that get divided in segments and then it gets back to a unique entity but I don’t need it after reading your answer.
Thanks again.
EDIT: Knowing there is a plugin or redrawing the circle is a choice is enough for me.

I’m maybe doing something wrong.
But here redrawing the circle doesn’t fix the problem, it’s still segmented.
The curious thing to me is that the circle on the bottom suffered from the same possible splits but it looks not affected.
This is my .skp
EjerBas08.skp (43.1 KB)
Can I solve it with native tools?

Your circle has three arcs connected to it, or crossing it. That breaks the circle up into pieces, even after you have redrawn the circle.

You could redraw it as two separate arcs (semicircles).
The upper one will keep its identity as an arc.
The lower one will be split into two arcs by the middle crossing arch.

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Did you do this way?, I can understand it’s divided in three arcs, but I don’t understand why if I redraw the whole circle the top is so much segmented.

Yes, pretty much exactly like that. I got exact semicircles - perhaps you deleted one too many segments? But it looks as if you have just over 180° in your upper section.

Thanks for your time.

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