What is this orange line?

I’m working on a landscape design and this orange line comes out of nowhere. It cannot be selected, and is still there when all layers are invisible. I have all of the “view” options unselected (axes, guides, etc). I’ve restarted the program and it’s still there. What else could it be? It showed up when I downloaded a component, but I immediately deleted it and this is still here. It sits on one half of the green axis. Only turned axis back on to show you where it sits.

Looks like you have the Solar North plugin active. You can turn it off if you wish.
solar north

Thanks. I don’t see that tool anywhere when I try to customize toolbar, and I don’t have it as an extension that I can find in extension manager. Where is it?

Nevermind, I had to download the extension to turn it off! Strange.

Where did you get the file? Someone must have turned it on.