Orange line dictating angle of object creation

I’ve inherited a model started by a previous employee (on an older sketchup version) and there is an orange line on the model that is about 20 degrees off from the green axis.
If I try to draw a rectangle, the rectangle follows the angle of the orange line and not the one of the axis.
The location has not been set, so don’t think it’s a remnant from the north sun line that was in older versions of sketch up.
I’ve scoured around, but can’t seem to find what the line is and how to remove it, so I can draw again in line with the models axis.
Any help on this would be appreciated as i’m under considerable time pressure to work on this.

from memory…

you need to have the Solar North extension installed to turn off the orange line…


so new objects follow the sun line rather than the axis in the model?

I think the axes might have been redrawn as it is now.
Right click on an axis in empty space and select ‘Reset’ in the context menu.

The orange line does not determine the drawing direction of tools. It’s only reorienting solar north for models that are not geolocated and drawn along convenient (maybe even redrawn) axes and need proper shadows according to the model’s direction as in the real world.

p.s. and you do need the extention ‘Solar North’ to remove or change the solar north orange line, as mentioned by @john_drivenupthewall.

thank you…interestingly right clicking brings up no context menu on the orange line, like it does with the other 3 axis.

The orange line is not an axis, it’s just a line to help you to see where solar north is. It’s only for shadows and does not bring up a context menu.

thanks, the solar north tool has removed the line