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Hello everyone,

It appears i have a solar north reference but I have no idea how I acquired it.
I don’t have solar north extension installed (that I can see) and I don’t see in the forum how to remove it.

Any advice?

You may have started with some model that is (was) geolocated and also have solar north (direction, the orange line) toggled on.

The extension ‘Solar North’ (and some other plugins) has a button to toggle solar north on (visible) and off (invisible). Each new model starts with north on the positive green axis. But if you have geolocated your model by ‘Add Location’, north might be slightly off. If you then ‘Clear the Location’ north stays off of green the same angle. Whether this is visible with an orange line depends on whether that line is toggled on.

If you have the extension you can adjust north to where (at what angle) you need it to be. And you can toggle the visibility of orange north off if you like. (extention is pro only or maybe by inserting some ruby code line).

You could also start with a new clean template and use that for your new model(s) and even create your own (customized) template from that, all without the line visible and north on positive green.

Also see this thread: North Angle Slider
This plugin may be not just for pro.


i should have included more information sorry.

Not imported file, just a small drawing I started. I played with style settings a little and then later noticed the green axis was now orange. I assumed that I may have fudged the axis colour by accident and payed no attention until I geo-located and then noticed the offset from the green axis. I removed Geo-L and the solar north is as I posted.

No big deal, i just copied the model to a new file but I would like to know how the reference was invoked and how to remove if I do it again,.

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