North Angle Slider

Just playing around on a Sunday morning - hopefully someone will find it useful.

Update 2016-10-09 - Added HTML meta tags for better compatibility.

jf_north_angle_slider.rbz (2.4 KB)


I went ahead and put this shadow widget on the SketchUcation Store if you haven’t seen it there yet.

A simple idea and implementation that turned out to be handy when you want to adjust shadow direction.

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Thanks Jim, this will come in handy.

You’re welcome. I appreciate the feedback.

The slider isn t visible on my SU2015, just have a case and a form field and it works when i type a value in the form field .

what version of IE are you running…

older version do not run html 5 sliders…


Version is IE11

Version 11 does support html5 input range I think.

@jim_foltz I recall needing meta for some versions of IE…

      <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="charset=UTF-8" />
      <meta http-equiv="MSThemeCompatible" content="Yes" />
      <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1">


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Thanks John.

Sorry @gta974, I doubt any of this is helpful. You can try to add the line given byJohn to the head section of the dialog.html file.

All I can do is go by what Microsoft says. Maybe these rules don’t apply to the embeded browser window.

Starting with IE11, document modes are considered deprecated and should
no longer be used. Webpages that require legacy document modes to
display properly should be rewritten to use features defined by modern

[1] Specifying legacy document modes (Internet Explorer) | Microsoft Learn

Starting with IE11, edge mode is the preferred document mode; it represents the highest support for modern standards available to the browser.
Use the HTML5 document type declaration to enable edge mode: <!doctype html> [2]

[2] Compatibility changes in IE11 (Windows) | Microsoft Learn

And yes, it works ! Thank you guys


Thanks @john_drivenupthewall

Hi Jim,
Does this mean that instead to move the model to align its North with the Green axes, we just align the North Angle Slider orange line with the model/site North which supersedes the Green axes?

Yes that sounds right. The only result I was interested in was to move the Shadow direction for visual effect.

Thank you Jim!!