North extension

I’ve seen some posts about the JF North Angle Slider extension but I am still not sure how it works.
If you know how exactly how it works, can you explain it to me…please.

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply ecati but my question still stands.
Will the orange North line works as the actual geographic North? I mean, will the shadows cast on a realistic direction based on the site North orientation and Geo-location?
So far I have been rotating the building considering the Green axes as a North direction.

Thank you.

Why not install the Solar North plugin and the slider and give it a try?

I have SU Make. That extension is for Pro :unamused:

Ah, yes. I couldn’t tell from your profile that you are using Make. I’d have mentioned that Solar North is a pro-only thing.

Thank you anyway DaveR, You were trying to help!!!

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