What is the hotkey for "Paste in place"?



Sorry to ask a basic question, but what is the keyboard shortcut for Paste in Place?

Nothing is listed here:

Nor here:



That indicates there isn’t a hot key by default. You can make one, though, in Preferences. That’s what I did because I use it all the time.


Hello! Like Dave said, Paste in Place doesn’t have a predefined shortcut. I’d advise you to set the shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+V, like mine. That combination can be found in other 3D and 2D applications and it has become more or less a standard. Good luck!



Can anyone tell me why Paste in Place doesn’t have a hotkey??
Surely Paste in Place is one of the most useful functions!


Because of this, I’ve inverted @VahePogossian suggestion in my preferences …

  • Ctrl + V -> paste in place
  • Ctrl + Shfit + V -> paste