Cannot assign CMD for shortcut on Mac (v.2017)

Hi there,

I was just trying to modify my shortcuts in newly installed SketchUp 2017. It seems I can’t assign [cmd] key (windows [Ctrl] equivalent) to any shortcut.

For example, I just tried this:

  1. Edit/Past In Place
  2. Pressed [cmd]+[shift]+[V]
  3. I have got a message “Key cannot be used as shortcut.”

Any suggestions, please?

Likely it’s because Shift-Command-V is already taken by OS-X.

This has been true for prior versions of sketchup as well. Mac OS reserves command key chords for system shortcuts and ones that are programmed into the application’s code. You can’t use it for user-defined shortcuts.

you can set ⌘⇧V as ‘Paste in Place’ using System >> Keyboard >> Shortcuts >> All Applications [or just SU]…

alternatively, ⇧V can be set in SU…


Or what I use - Shift+V for paste, Ctrl+Shift+V for Paste in Place.

[Edit] Mistake: what I said isn’t what I do. Should be Cmd+V = Paste, Ctrl+V = Paste in place.

Out of curiosity, John, why not use the native Command-V for Paste since it’s already there and working?

The system-defined CMD-X, CMD-C, and CMD-V all work within SketchUp. I use control-V for paste in place.

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Thanks, everyone.

I’m so used to [shift]+[cmd]+[V] (or with extra [alt] in other SW for “paste in some non-default way” (without formatting, on the same place etc.) so I was hoping to get that working in Sketchup too. Paste in same place is very useful thing.

Thanks for your tips, I could try to use system settings as John suggests.

You could propose this as a Feature Request for a future release of SketchUp. So far as I can tell it is not pre-empted by the OS.

Hmmm! I should engage (my) brain before pressing keys.

I DO actually do the same as Steve - Cmd+V for Paste, Ctrl+V for paste in place. Recently using Windows, where Ctrl+V is Paste…

I would rather engage my brain to something more important then adapting to different key bindings :smile: I prefer convenience over challenge :sunny:
Well, not always :wink:

I prefer using established languages to communicate rather than making up my own shortcut abbreviated words. Cmd-V and Control-V and their variations are practically carved in stone in computer-ease… if you choose to go your own route, you should ask for help in Esperanto. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t think I wrote anything about Esperanto, nor did I wanted to use some new custom key shortcuts. Maybe my English is too bad, if you understood otherwise. [cmd]+[V] is perfectly ok with me as well as other common shortcuts. On Mac I’m used to use few others that work across most of the apps I work with. Especially [alt]+[shift]+[cmd]+[V], which is used to paste something in a “special” way, like at the same place or without pasting text style. Despite four keys to be pressed, I am so used to it I thought I could make it working for “paste in place” in Sketchup.

Anyway, I could live with alternative way. So, no whining on my side, no need for Esperanto. I only asked if it was possible to achieve, which is not.

Nah, your English is better than my jokes…

We are a bit more restrictive on Mac keyboard shortcuts, and they do tend to interact with system shortcuts more frequently, which is how we ended up being more restrictive. Having worked for NeXT and Apple, I know people can go crazy with shortcuts, system shortcuts (see System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts Tab->App Shortcuts-> hit the plus +, add and try it there, too). But I’ve seen people get into crazy messes with that… then have them fire Ruby actions, or AppleScript commands, and it really gets crazy. I even go back far enough to tear-off menus… anyone see that from NeXTSTEP? Little menu shards all over your screen, because Steve wasn’t a big shortcut guy.

I see the similar comments on Spaces (“Why does SketchUp jump to another screen”), when people don’t take the time to understand or set up Spaces the way they want. Ah, but I guess that’s why we have forums. At any rate, sorry for the bad joke, thanks for the opportunity to rediscover Esperanto, and happy cmd-ctrl-opt-shift-fct v’ing… :smile:

ps - one Mac feature that people don’t use enough is Search on the Help menu, cmd-shift-/ : if you can’t remember where something is in the menu, e.g. - you’re a Windows user using a Mac, you go to Help->Search and begin typing, and the menu item will pop. For example the Smoove tool, type, cmd-shift-/, type “Smoo” (there’s only one), down arrow… and Enter, you now are using the Smoove tool. Nice, eh?

Could you please make it an option to turn of shortcut restrictions in SketchUp on osx. I understand your concerns to protect users from unintentionally interacting with the system, but I think this is a garbage decision if it can not be turned off by choice.

Now I’m trying to find the exact right command to type in under ‘app shortcuts’ to explode groups/objects with ⌘⇧G.

Please, please please advocate for to make this optional on the next release of SketchUp.

Best Regards

in the english version of SU it’s ‘Explode’, but will differ for other languages…

is SU >> Select a group >> look in the Edit menu for ‘Solid…’ >> then ‘Explode’


So I managed to get it to work the way I wanted like this, but I really think this was a bit unnecessary though:

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Thank you, John.
How come you get your shortcut command to show up in SketchUp?
I dont have that (I presume since it’s assigned through ‘app shortcuts’).
How did you manage to do that?

Instead of using a shortcut for Explode, you could just R-click on a component or group then choose Explode.

Just as quick.

@fredevik, Mine are assigned in App Shortcuts as well…

I’m still on El Capitan on this mac, so that may be why I see the shortcut in the menu…

@john_mcclenahan, only ‘as quick’ for single objects…

to explode all groups in a nested model…

⌘A >> ⇧⌘G >> ⇧⌘G >> ⇧⌘G…

will be faster…


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