Shortcut Problem (Ctrl + Shift + V)

There is a problem with adding shortcuts. I usually use ‘Ctrl + Shift + V’ to paste in place. This time I tried to set it up on my new laptop as well, but I ran into a problem. Ctrl and Shift are pressed, then V is not pressed. However, letters other than V are pressed well. For example, ‘Ctrl + Shift + A,B,C…’ is possible, but ‘Ctrl + Shift + V’ is not. Obviously other computers work, but not just laptops. Now I am satisfied with ‘Shift + V’ and use it. But why not ‘Ctrl + Shift + V’? If you have a similar case or have solved it, please advise.
(Laptop: Asus F15 Dash 2022)

I haven’t tried. Ctrl+v is a hardcoded Windows shortcut for Paste and that is because you cannot change or remove it. I would guess that adding Shift to the combination does nothing and that to Windows lowercase and uppercase V:s are the same. Just guessing.

I tried with 2021 and 2021, and can use Ctrl Shift V. The shortcut gets added ok, and works after it is added. Don’t know why you’re not seeing the V appear.

Is there anything about your keyboard language settings that could affect things? If you can try it, does clicking Reset All help?