What is sketchup make all about

What software compares to sketchup 8. I don’t want to buy sketchup pro, so does sketchup make a replacement for “8”

You can use MAKE only for non commercial work.

SketchUp Make is the free version of SketchUp and as @Cotty said below, it is only for hobbyists and not for commercial work. SketchUp Pro has more features and LayOut, which Make, the free version, does not. Compare the features here.

To learn more about upgrading from SketchUp 8 click here.


Thank you for you prompt response. I have down loaded SU Pro then realized
it was for sale (so to speak). I just wanted to make sure that “Make” was
pretty much the same type of soft ware as “8” was. Do I need to uninstall
“Pro” before I install “Make”?
Please understand that at 74 I am not very computer savey. Thanks for you


If you installed SU15 Pro, then you need to uninstall it in order to install and use SU15 Make.

I would suggest upgrading to SketchUp Pro - it is MUCH cheaper because you had SketchUp 8: $95 for upgrade and $50 reinstatement fee because it lapsed more than 30 days, so you can get SketchUp Pro 2015 for: $145. This is a much more affordable option than just purchasing SketchUp Pro for $590.

Thanks very much…you saved me lots of grief. I’ll follow your