No free sketchup update?

dear readers
I use several years sketchup. I just uploaded an item to the warehouse and they told me to update the skp, now I have 8.0.16846.
Looking for an update there was only skp MAKE with 30 days trial. The rest was
pro update.
Q. is there no free sketchup any more?
thanks for your response.

SketchUp Make is the current name for the free version. In the time since Trimble’s acquisition of SketchUp, the license for Make no longer permits use for commercial purposes, which may affect you depending on what you use SketchUp for.

Hello @abniezenster if you use SketchUp commercialy you will need to get SketchUp Pro. Now, I want to point out and encourage you to upgrade your SketchUp License, since you are using SketchUp 8. We have had many great updates since then!

I would suggest upgrading to SketchUp Pro - it is MUCH cheaper because you had SketchUp 8: $95 for upgrade and $50 reinstatement fee because it lapsed more than 30 days, so you can get SketchUp Pro 2015 for: $145. This is a much more affordable option than just purchasing SketchUp Pro for $590.

To download SketchUp Make click here.


I don’t use skp commercial, only hobby. Drawing some existing objects to keep a little expierience and I don’t have enough time for more improvement.
Q/ 1 What have I to do for continue free use of skp?
Q/ 2 My last upload ( adjustable support) to the warehouse came not together with the other ones,
See e.g. Wheelbarrow (from appie) and more, how to add?
Regards Albert

Make sure you specify in the down load form you are going to use SketchUp for personal use - you will then get SketchUp Make. Make comes with a Pro trial so you can try it out, but after it expires it down grades to Make.