Can i run SU Pro 8 with SU Make?

I would like to try out SU Make. Can I install it and continue to use SU 8 Pro?

Why SU 8 pro if you can use SU 14 pro? SU Make is the free version of SU 14 pro.

Hello Huck,

Yes, you can.
Different whole number versions may be installed and will coexist without conflict.

Upon installation SketchUp Make runs as a fully functional 30-day Pro trial.
SU Make gracefully reverts to the free version functionality at the end of the Pro trial.

Much has changed since v8, so be sure to do your homework before downloading and installing.
Here’s help with that:

SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements

Downloading SketchUp

Installing SketchUp

Migrating Plugins, Materials, and Components from previous versions

Because SU 14 upgrade (now SU 15?) costs quite a bit and Make is free.

I rarely need the Pro features, mainly to occasionally read a DWG file and I could still use SU 8 for that.

Which raises another question: I can’t find any list of capabilities comparing Make and Pro?

Thanks Geo.
How can I find out the differences between SU Make and SU 2015 Pro?

Hi Huck,

See this topic…

There’s more here:
What makes SketchUp tick? — Expanded Feature Descriptions

Hi George,

Thank you.

I went to this link (via the links you provided) which says it is a comparison

And I get a message “You are not authorized to access this page.”