SketchUp Make vs Pro


I’m trying to convince my employer my need for SketchUp Pro.
My IT person ask if the free version SketchUp Make will serve my purposes.
Currently I’m using a Free trial version. It seems okay but I need the capability to save files to an eps format for use in adobe illustrator.

Thanks in advance,


You are not permitted to use the free version for a commercial application, so if you wish to use SU for work, it’ll have to be Pro.



even if you use none of the ‘Pro’ features, you cannot use ‘Make’ for commercial work…

have a look at the licence…



Just have your IT person read this. It’s pretty clear cut… not only do you WANT SketchUp Pro… you NEED it!


Make vs. Pro


That’s what I thought.
Thanks for the information.



I am going to assume that your IT person is not aware of the licensing restrictions for SketchUp. Once informed they should correctly advise you to purchase the Pro version.

I’ve worked as an IT Administrator and IT Consultant for over twenty years and strongly warn you against violating any operating system or software license agreements. It’s not worth the legal and financial trouble.

As an example, the Pro version of SketchUp will cost you less than two hours of time with a good attorney which you will need to consult should there be an investigation.

Finally, if your (or any) IT professional suggests any such fraudulent behavior, find a new IT professional.


Thanks TCD-
My IT department is ordering SketchUp pro.
The IT department suggested the free software before they knew I would be using it for commercial use. I’m looking forward to the update.