Short-Term PRO licensing

Please review possibility to add “short term” licenses.
So, for me, 695$ for your license is to expensive, and absolutely no sense, because I use SketchUp for modeling(and PRO features as well) one or two times a year.

But if you will able to offer 1 month license with affordable price, I’m sure that many users will want to buy it, for their short-term needs.

IMHO, it could only work for the desktop app, if there was no Make version or if the two had different file formats…

if a ‘Pro’ subscription was made available, people will spend months using Make illegally and pay for a month to ‘validate’ it as commercial work…

Subscription services generally have much greater control over your ‘output’ and view it as their content…



You can’t use MAKE illegally, because it’s FREE…
And you can’t use MAKE instead of PRO version, because MAKE have no PRO features.
If during the months, you can do your work with MAKE version, then you don’t need a PRO.

So, the main idea is to have a PRO features, only when you need them.

Example 1:
I doing my sketch for a months, and then I need to export it to CAD format just once.
Well, it’s very weird to pay full price for a function which will be used for a 1 second.

Example 2:
I doing my sketch and I need to use Solid Modeling Tools(PRO feature) all the time, and I need for example do production of construction drawings from time to time.
Then, obviously, I will better buy full license, because I need PRO features very often or even daily.

You can, actually. The EULA specifically states that you cannot use SketchUp MAKE for commercial use. Doing so violates the user agreement (thus, illegal).


Wait, what? Using Make commercially is illegal. You can make professional work without the Pro features, but you are not allowed to. It’s the license that really makes Pro different from Make, the extra features is just the icing on the cake.


I don’t know how large a percentage of Make users the posters on this forum who mention “Make” and “Client” in their posts represent, but it occurs quite regularly.


If you are using Make for commercial purposes, surely one could argue that the cost of PRO SKP could easily be covered in your first one or two paid jobs, then you’d be able to purchase a PRO lic. Otherwise… you’re not charging enough $$$ for your work/efforts.

That’s like saying if you have to drive faster than the speed limit to get to work on time, you could justify having a faster car.

The EULA is clear. If you are using SketchUp for commercial purposes, you must be using SketchUp Pro and must buy a license.

This thread highlights one of the reasons the Pro trial was changed from 8 hours of actual use to 30 Days continuously.
People were using make to do the majority of their work, then firing up Pro when they needed to do things like export a dxf or dwg etc
As it only took seconds to do the export you could make the Pro Trial of 8 hours last for years.

All good and well in a first world country, but for us in the developing countries $695 is almost a full months salary.

In my humble opinion, surly Trimble should make some kind of concession for users in developing countries, thereby expanding the user base, which will in turn create a larger user base, and therefore more profit. Just a thought. (and a hope and a prayer)


A lot of extensions could be marked “Pro Only” which could severely limit the ability of people to make money from Make. I’m sure Trimble have considered that.

Sketchup could go to subscription based model - eg remove the Make version and just have Pro on a monthly subscription and offer some free hours/days each month for hobbiests. It’s not perfect (a lot of people hated Adobe for it) but it can work when managed appropriately.

Too easy to fake an IP Address which says im in India but really im in the USA. Or buy sketchp while on holiday.

Also it’s notr eally appropriate to subsidise a product since “developed countries” like Sweden would outsource more work to nearby “developing countries” due to cheaper overheads.

Also, there’s a risk that software companies kill off local competition through subsidies. If Trimble offered cheap Sketchup Pro in the Philipines, how would any local software firms have a chance to develop their own product?

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