SketchUp Desktop version

Newbie here… would like to have desktop version of sketchup to work on most of its basic functionality,

thanks in advance


here you go and don’t forget to head over to the shop before the trial ends so you can purchase your licence

Thanks Julian… usually the trial ends after a month?

Your profile shows you are using the Free web version. If if are using SketchUp just for personal use, and you’re not making money by using SketchUp, the downloads page includes SketchUp Make 2017. You would be allowed to download and use that version forever.

If you are using SketchUp as part of your job, meaning that either you or your employer makes money from the user of SketchUp, you would want to download the SketchUp Pro 2019 version. To set the trial going you would sign into your account (which can be an existing Trimble ID, or you can make one while signing in, or you can use a Google ID as the sign in). That starts a 30 day trial going, which after 30 days would stop working. If you then go on to buy either SketchUp Classic, Pro, or Shop, you don’t need to reinstall. For a Classic license you would have a serial number you can enter, and for the other two you would just sign in again, and your subscription would be recognized.

One thing to note, if you make a new Trimble ID while signing in, make sure to reply to the confirmation email from Trimble before you complete your sign in to SketchUp.

Make sure to read the first thing I said though. If this is just non commercial personal interest use of SKetchUp, the Make 2017 will do what you need, and won’t expire.


Thanks Colin, my real intention was to know more Sketchup. And also if given an opportunity i want to share it with some other students who has the same interest as mine. As you’ve mentioned I’ll go with the Sketchup Make 2017. Hope everythings goes well. alldbest.:slight_smile:

Good day Colin,
I installed the Sketchup Make 2017, and i got the one month trial note

It means it will expire on the said period.


No. Only the Pro features will expire along with LayOut & StyleBuilder.
After the trial period it reduces to only Make features.

The feature differences are listed …

The file type import / export list is here …

For 2017 versions you still need to install the STL extension …


Hi Dan,
That really helps.



What Dan said seems right. Fortunately you didn’t use the Free Pro Trial button, that would have taken you to a 30 day trail of SketchUp Studio.

Good morning Colin,

I just missed that part.

thanks again.