Trimble expired my free version of SketchUp Make

Ok < so I had Sketchup Make 2017 free version on my laptop and the other day I went to open it to get a message that my trial period had expired. does anyone know what is going on with Sketchup? I tied used the web browser version, but it is too basic. I did redownload the version I had, but I am afraid that they are going to do the same thing to me again. someone please help.

How long did you have it on your laptop ? The Pro trial will expire after 30 days, but if you installed the Make edition (not version) then you click through (or choose No when asked to buy or upgrade to Pro,) and you can then continue using Make but without any of the Pro features that were available during the trial period.

There is no need to redownload or reinstall the Make edition.
Unless you had accidentally installed the Pro edition previously. (Sometimes users do that without meaning to.)

If you are sure that this time, you downloaded the Make edition installer, then right-click the installer exe, choose “Run as administrator” … then when given the choice, choose the Repair option.

I agree. And the interface is not like a desktop application interface.

It is way too much of a chore to build all those different language builds for each edition and post them, just so they could “get ya’ again” … Ie, Trimble does not have anything against you in particular, and don’t waste time sabotaging their downloads.