What is my error when the Extrusion tool isn't working?

I’m trying to extrude a triangle shape to form a roof, but the tool doesn’t push/pull the triangle I created. Nothing happens at all. What am I doing wrong?

You need to give us something to be able to help. The model to look at, or at least a screenshot. What tool specifically?

I’m using the Push/Pull tool. I’m so new on this that I don’t know how to upload models. But I found that if I click on another line of the roof, then the Push/Pull tool works. That seems to indicate that I was clicking on some other piece of geometry, not the roof. Any ideas for tutorials on Sketchup? It’s hard to learn efficiently by trial and error.

Start with the Campus


You can also find lots of good content on youtube, lots from the sketchup team themselves.
This one show helps understand how the web version differs from pro so you can understand more tutorials and apply them better to the web version.

Then the channel itself.

Am not sure if it might help or if this is the case, but it might be because there is some little surface connected around the edges of that triangle, which introduces a barrier of height. Almost like push pulling a surface next to another one that is taller, the taller one will be the limit that you can push and pull the other one, it happens sometimes. Check for anything that might be be behaving as so around the edges… can be a tiny line sometimes too, its very picky when it does this heigh limit thing

Edit: I just had this push pull limit happen in the displayed image, its usually due to complex angles… unfortunately the way around is to delete a bit of the obstruction until the path is clear, I haven found any other way around it.