Sketchup Crashes when using PUSH/PULL

I’ll preface this by stating I use Sketchup 2017 version 17.2.2555, in each case its crashed it has done so when I attempt to PUSH/PULL a more complex shape. It refuses to Pull the full distance I require, usually less than 25% of the way then if it hasnt crashed I try to pull it again and it crashes. The program is a bit laggy when working with complex details but usually speeds back up once I finish. I think its just too complex and my system cant handle it. Any thoughts?

System Specs:
Win7 64bit
6 gigs memory
Intel Core i3 (2nd Gen) 2330M / 2.2 GHz Dual Core
Intel HD Graphics 3000.

Can you share the .skp file?

I copied the entire section to a new file to show the interaction. The area in question is the stalk below the helm. I ultimately had to separate the sections because pulling the entire form caused it to crash. Once separated they pulled fine just a minor annoyance to have to do each manually. The enlarged segment is set aside from the model, zoom in is required to see detail on model.
Helm.skp (1.4 MB)

Which direction are you trying to push or pull the faces? I wonder if your Push/Pull operation is running into some other geometry that is creating a problem. That group of geometry is in need of some help, though, with a lot of edges and faces that aren’t needed along with a bunch of reversed faces.

If I were modeling this I would be splitting that into separate components or groups to avoid problems with intersecting geometry and combine them afterward.

It was initially one single object, once the PUSH/PULL failed I broke it into multiple pieces, the main stalk and each separate column.The pull was down on the Blue Axis, the Model shows the direction and the final result. Each Column is identical, each was a direct copy, 20 feet apart but I later chose to bridge sets of 2 to clean it up, too many columns made it hard to see. Once each column was pulled down beyond the inclined surface I constructed the lines around almost all facets of the column details which may not be required once I designate a color scheme.
As for geometry, I am not sure, none have changed position from their original until separated for the described reason. Would the complexity cause a crash?

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