Repeatable crash with push-pull

  1. create a face
  2. divide the face into two connected faces (cut a rectangle in half)
  3. push/pull one face normally
  4. double click the other face to push/pull it the same distance
  5. type a number (new distance) and hit enter
  6. crash-o-rama

can someone try this and see if it crashes your machine too? If the faces aren’t connected on one edge, it doesn’t crash the program, although the results are a little unexpected.

This isn’t an operation I use very often, obviously, since it’s a little redundant. The same command string works with lines, where you can create a line and then change its length after the fact by simply typing in a new length. I figured maybe it would work with push pull as well. It doesn’t.

Bug confirmed. Thanks for reporting.

@Barry @bradaskins


Filing. Thanks. <Post must be at least 20 characters>


What OS are you using… Mac or Windows?


Just sent a bug splat, referencing pfaff, Win7 Su2015.

I reproduced this on Windows.

seems ok on mac (fwiw)

Windows 7, SU 2015 Pro

Me too. Windows7, SU 2015 Pro

With the M3 release, this should be fixed :slight_smile:

Sorry for my ignorance: What is M3?
Do I need to update something?

Just tried the Push/Pull, just sent a Bug Splat.

M3 is a reference to the recent Maintenance Release to update the software, it is the 3rd update hence M3.
It addresses quite a few issues.
You can download it from the usual place by clicking Here.
Choose the version that is right for you, download and install it.
It won’t change any of your personal settings, just the underlying software.


Thanks for updating me :smile:
Will do. Thanks.