Sketchup crash while use push/pull



Hello my name is Doraya, I am a new user in sketchup…
I use sketchup make 2015 64-bit.
While using the push/pull option the prog. is crashing less then a minute, it close with no error massege .
I reinstall sketchup but the problem is still there.
i saw in the forum some options to solve it, but nothing help:

  1. cancle auto save.
    2)rename the dll file
    3)download M3 - i choose to repair sketchup
    4)reinstall sketchup
    5)install sketchup 32-bit - Don’t work good

I don’t know what else can i do?
I can’t work with sketchup - crashing afer few second while useing push/pull (IT happend with sketchup pro too)

I hope someone can help me

Best Regards,



What is your CPU, and graphics card, memory? Since sketchup relies heavily on your PC’s horsepower, it’s helpful to know for troubleshooting.

With luck, just updating your graphics card driver may help. Maybe try that until you get help from people more knowledgeable than me.


HI Rick, thank you

CPU: intel core i7- 3630QM, 2.4Hz
Memory: 4GB
HDD: 750GB

I Start new project and its all work good
this project now without matirials- and no crashing…
could it be that one matirial cause me the crashing problem?



Hi Doraya-

I see the crash report that you submitted, and it is a problem with some material in your file. I don’t have enough information to determine which material is causing the crash. If SketchUp runs long enough for you to work with the file, I’d suggest trying to remove the most recently added material(s).

Deleting Materials in SketchUp


thank you,
i changed the matirial and it really work well
i hope the crashes won’t return.
thanks again


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