Push pull not working the way I want it to


Can someone help me out with the following problem:

I’d like to extrude a triangular surface. When I use the push pull tool, however, the resulting geometry is not solid (as shown in the picture)

How do I make the extrusion solid?


Hit Ctrl after getting the Push/Pull tool.

How did you draw the triangle in the first place? You shouldn’t be getting the hole or the reversed faces.

Cursor recorded weird for some reason but the results are correct.


I am guessing he did it this way


Aha! Dividing the horizontal edge at the base of the triangle. Don’t do that.


I think its dividing a face that causes it. If the vertical is deleted before the whole face is created it will work correctly.


Yes, ultimately that’s right.


and I can see why one would create the vertical as it saves switching to construction lines to get the height of the ridge.