What is a feasble amount of extentions that can be installed without affecting good functioning with 32GB of RAM

I had installed four (before thought three) extensions to 2019 I only had 8BG of RAM
before my husband adopted an available office PC to home.
My biggest did sort of disappear 50+% . Uninstalled all now suddenly my file is back.
I am very weary of installing again.
I’d like to know how many extension is it plausible to install?
Does the number affect the functioning of SketchUP or not
(Naturally no one uses all at the same time)
I just watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm_zQ5iSi54

Top 20 Most Useful Plugins For SketchUp

It’s all very tempting when one has built models for years without any extensions at all.
So how many can one install without affecting the correct functioning of SketchUP 2019? 19.1!
I want to stick to free and say most affordable as long as possible


There is no general rule. The amount of memory used can vary enormously from one extension to another.


Hello Steve.
Thank you
I think you have helped me a lot before ( I recall your "Austrian(ish) name)
Where can I read which one are rather lightly and very heavy extensions?
What are your recommendation
I am especially looking for extension that make curved/rounds volumes/entities
roofs, fences, fountains
you know things that are ultra time consuming without extensions or near impossible
Like shown in this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm_zQ5iSi54
Do you think that installing most of these is unreasonable?
My other half always calls for total restraint ONLY install use what you need
but HOW does one know if one will want to use an extension or how it will work and how will one handle and learn to use it.
To many questions, but with my previous topic and part of my big file gone and then finally showing again,
I have rather (VERY COLD) feet and most probably something not the right calibre in my new PC made of three others from the office.
Like someone mentioned probably the Graphic card but I guess I have to wait for sale boxing day etc.
regards and thanks and “Merry Happy Everything” to you on the east coast from the west coast
(a fun series to watch)

Probably nowhere. However, to a first approximation you can make a guess based on the user-visible features of the extension. If the application does a few narrowly-constrained operations (such as drawing various kinds of spirals, or welding a set of edges into a “curve” object), little memory will be used. If the application has an extensive custom user-interface (UI) for allowing the user to define all sorts of parameters and control behaviors and options, more memory will probably be consumed.

That said, many extensions don’t consume much memory unless and until they are used during a given SketchUp session. Further, the amount of memory required is often a function of the job the extension is asked to do. For example, extensions that bend, distort, etc. geometry will likely consume memory proportional to the complexity of the geometry being manipulated (bending a simple tube will require less memory than bending the Eiffel Tower).

32GB of memory is a pretty good amount, for today’s consumer computers. Unless you run other big applications concurrent with running SketchUp, memory will likely not be a frequent constraint. (Unless you’re creating a detailed Eiffel Tower!)


I have a list of my extensions on my desk (to refresh memory). I disable the ones I do not need for the current modeling session via extension manager.

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If you use the Sketchucation Tools, you can set extensions not to load but then load them on the fly as needed by clicking the yellow diamond. Or you can change your mind and set them to load permanently.