Extension Questions

Still new to sketchUp, have been playing with it for about a month now.

(after a miserable day modelling PVC pipe i was thinking about getting something to help)

Are these regulated in some way before they are released? or can anyone just make write some code and make it available?

Of course i understand that not every plug-in will work perfectly with all possible hardware and software configurations in the world and i may experience some issues.

Really my question is, are most extensions quality usable tools, or is it more like the App store for you phone, mostly junk but a few really good investments.

and most important do i need to worry about getting something dangerous?

thanks for the help

In 10+ years using SU, I’ve never had cause to be concerned about risk using plugins. And never had a useless or ‘junk’ one.

There is limited vetting on the Extension warehouse and more of peer review in that and the SketchUation Plugin store , two common and large sources for plugins. Most are free, and un-encrypted. Occasionally badly written plugins can crash SU, and if so you need to uninstall them. Conventions to avoid that are now in place.

I would ‘yes’, most are, though there are many for specialized needs that you may not have a use for.

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