Safety of plugins not in Extension Warehouse



I am interested in evaluating, and then possibly using, a plugin that only seems to be available via Github.

I am not clear about the difference between plugins that appear in EW and those that appear elsewhere, like Smustard and Sketchucation. I have always taken those last two as being safe. But further afield?

Here’s the link:


The Extension Warehouse does not guarantee any form of ‘safety’…

any extension or plugin can crash your work or mine information from your computer…

If a plugin is written in plain text and hosted on a reputable public site, it is unlikely to be malicious…

In your example, the author has a website that looks genuine, it has 2k of downloads without complaints and Vladimir has also posted other scripts on SketchUcation…

but, it’s your call, SU does not do any real security or usability checks, it can’t police what ‘you’ choose to load…



Whoa! That’s a wake up call.

And there I was thinking the EW was a bit like Apple’s approved apps! But then, you know the old saying: to assume is to make an ass of u and me.

Your advice is useful, thank you.


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