Sketchucation Store crashing Sketchup

I am having trouble with the Extension Store. It opens normally but when I try to install or update any extension Sketchup crashes.

I first thought it could be a conflict with some other extension. Then I took all extensions out but the ones that install with Skp. I installed the store and the result was the same: a crash. I tested it with the latest version and with the one from 2019.

Any ideas? My setup is: an iMac running Mac OS 10.13.6 (High Sierra), Sketchup 2021.

Did you enquire in the Sketchucation Extension Store thread on Sketchucation?

Yes, I left the same message there.

There is an issue we’re trying to fix, where you have just installed an extension and you close the Extension Warehouse window before it has refresh. Doing that will lead to a crash. The work around is to wait for a moment after you are told that the extension has been installed. The extension’s page will refresh, and then it’s safe to close the window.

BTW, what I described is Extension Warehouse and not Sketchucation’s thing. But the same problem may be happening there too.

I do not have this problem with EW. Just with Sketchucation Plugin Store and Sketchup 2021.