Extensions Warehouse Down for Maintenance?

Are there any alternatives to downloading extensions from the Extensions Warehouse? It’s been down for maintenance all day and I need to re-download the Solid Inspector plugin. Alternatively, does anyone have any insight as to when the extensions site will be back up? Maintenance always happens at the worst possible time…

You could get Solid Inspector 2 from Sketchucation if you want.


Sorry for the inconvenience rweb, hopefully Dave’s suggestion will help you get what you need.

The Extension Warehouse is in fact currently down for maintenance due to technical problems. I have started a new topic here on the forums to help track its status for anyone that needs to be updated.

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Is there an alternate downloading site for SketchUp plugins?

You can go to Sketchucation and get many extensions. There’s not a lot of overlap but it’s a good source.

I’m looking for soap skin and bubble. I’ll look for it there. Thank you for
the response sir.

Amazingly, the zip download link on the web archive page is still working. Here’s the zip: http://web.archive.org/web/20120420171753/http://www.tensile-structures.de:80/Download/SoapSkinBubbleTool_Rel_1.0.13.zip


To explain slightly, the article I found about the plugin now has a link across to the extensions warehouse. I went back in time to before extensions warehouse existed, but the article had already been written, and had a link to the plugin. The current day version of that page isn’t around anymore, but the one from 2012 still works.


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