Https:// under maintenance !?

Trying to upload a script at:

And getting this error now:

Site under maintenance
The SketchUp Extension Warehouse is currently under maintenance. We will be back shortly.

How long are we to expect this to be? How short is shortly? Need this service urgently!

Please forgive me if I posted this twice - The first post was a reply to a “Solved” thread - don’t know if solved threads get any attention these days.

It’s mentioned here.

Right! Sorry I didn’t find that earlier. Feel free to delete this thread, whoever is out there.

how long will the extension warehouse be down because i need to change a sketchup into a STL file by Thursday. can i do this another way?

I think my.sketchup has an internal STL exporter. Otherwise you could get the source from GitHub and manually install it.


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